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I am Troy's assistant EvanMeaux I keep files and documents and will later have an account in (November) named Troy's assistant (I will be in another place different IP) so I keep Troy's History and I help manage some of his projects I will even keep Music in special files!

Latest News For Troy

Revision: 02:33, October 17, 2013‎ EvanMeaux (Myself) Technical Difficulties with admins, 2 of them do not do enough on the wiki to hold the title "Admin"

New Plans

Fictional Singers

On Our "Records" only one page holds the title "Fictional Singer or Pretend Singer"[1] so I would like to make some more pretend singers!

Better Admins

We need better admins! Talk more on this issue on the admins thread!

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Public Documents



We are the admins on this wiki so if anything goes wrong we will be there!