Musical Love


Year Made:

July 22,2012


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Hillary White is a very shy, quiet girl who loves music. She plays guitar, piano, and has a beautiful voice. Her brother, Taylor White is a popular senior and soccer player for his school's team. One day, Taylors team mate and friend Ashton Campbell gets into a fight with another member of the soccer team, which made him suspended from the team for two weeks. During those two weeks, he found Hillary practicing in a vacant choir room and went back everyday just to hear her. He had no clue that it was Taylor's sister, since Taylor never really talked about her. Hillary was considered a loser in her school, but she was going to change that all in one night. Her school was hosting a talent show, and she was one of the contestants. Will this bring Ashton and Hillary closer? Or will this make Hillary more popular in her school?

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