Lost in the Music


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Totally Recommend.


[formally know as Lost in a World of Music] "Run Kat!" He shouted. I hesitated. "Go, I will be there in a minute." Colin ordered, fighting off someone else. I ran up the side of the wall again and climbed back onto the flat roof. I heard the sound of knuckles against skin and cringed. Colin punched the person back, ignoring the fact that half his face was now covered with blood, and then sprinted up the wall and over to me. They were following us though! Climbing and running after us! We ran over the roof and then onto an adjoining one. We kept on running until we reached the end of the terrace roofs. Now we had a problem." Katrina Johnson is no ordinary teenage girl. No, she can't turn into a wolf or is a vampire; she has to fight her own battles! After her mother dies Kat finds that she has to fend for herself or suffer the wrath of her brothers gang. She finds refuge in her world of music and when gang member Colin enters into her life it seems to make things better...and then worse. Can Kat ever write her own happy ending? Read here!