Hiding Behind The Music - Lilly's Soundtrack


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Lilly’s life isn’t perfect and as a result of her past, she keeps to a distance, her only connections her best friend Sonny and her ‘parents’. Lilly’s motto has always been; why get close when you only get left behind? And she’s held that motto close since the day she was left behind. Lilly doesn’t think much of her past nor of her future, she takes it one step at a time. It seems her love for music is the only thing that can understand her; it seems to understand her more than herself. Lilly never thought much for her love for music until things begin to unravel and she finds herself overseas in Los Angeles and is forced to face her history. Yet her strongest hurdle seems to be accepting that people, Hayden especially, won’t leave her. Lilly struggles to love and accept herself and also accepts that the people around her will not abandon her. Lilly’s biggest hurdle? Learning to love. Read Here !