WRITTEN: 12-11-11

CHORUS Cuz I go, OH OH OH OH ohhh. I go crazy for you, I need tooooo, Forget yooooou.

VERSE 1 Well, I say hello. You ig-nore. I walk by and staaaare. You just walk right past. But I want you to stay! I want you to stay-ay!

VERSE 2 I give you gifts. You just deny! I pour out my love to you, But yours just don't shine throooough.

BRIDGE I cry at niiiight, You mustn't care. Why did you keeeep my heeeeeaaaart locked uuuuup? Then teeeeaaaar iiiiit a-paaaaart? But what I really need to dooooo! Is! Forget yooooou.

ARRANGEMENT Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus Bridge Chorus Echo of 'you' 3x

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