December Updates-UGold Awards and more!


To vote, either use the polls that will be set up on the Gold Awards page, or use #UGoldAwards and then #(insertcategoryhere) to vote on twitter! (Example: #UGoldAwards #BestMaleArtist Bruno Mars)

  • The new twitter is up and running also (ADMINS, ASK MATT FOR PASSWORD!) Follow us @Official_U_Gold

We will follow back the first 50 followers

  • Userboxes are up as well! Check out the Userboxes page to see if your favorites are there? If one of your favorite artists/genres/anything else you want to be a userbox is not there, inform me and I'll make it :)
  • Unfortunately we did not have any contests on music RP go on this month but I do hope they'll make an appearence in December. Chat parties are also hopefully going to happen, we will try to make a chat schedual for big group chats (of coure you can go on chat any time though!)
  • Keep adding new pages for your favorite songs, albums, artists and more!

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving (and a Happy Hanukkah if you celebrate that too!) and I hope to see you all around on the wiki

Anna :) (talk) 18:07, November 30, 2013 (UTC)