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Nada mohamed
• 11/3/2013

November Ideas-Upcoming events

Many new things will be coming in the month of November. There have been many ideas thrown around and stuff to get excited about.

  • New twitter-Matt, the head admin is currently setting up a twitter, look out for that soon. All admins will be tweeting (some more than others) to give you updates on the site and general music updates.
  • Gold Awards-The Gold Awards are coming up as I've mentioned before. We need more categories and nominees so please suggest them. I'm hoping voting will start around the 23rd.
  • Contests and other fun things-There have been some ideas thrown out there by admins (one being something such as Music Role Play) to get the entire wiki community involved and such. More ideas will be announced as time goes on.
  • Adding songs albums and artists-an ongoing thing needed on the wiki, please add them whenever you get a chance!

These are a few things coming up on the wiki for the wiki. Admins if I have forgotten anything, please add them to the discussion! :)

(Anna :) (talk) 15:57, November 3, 2013 (UTC))

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Nada mohamed
• 11/6/2013


Userboxes are a fun way to display what you love when it comes to music. A few userboxes have been made already, leave a message on my wall and I will create it or make one yourself and just make sure you add it to the list.

Anna :) (talk) 00:29, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

• 11/16/2013

great ideas :)

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